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My name is Joanne and I live here in Orillia with my husband
Ben and our two teenagers, Emily and Thomas. I have lived in Orillia my whole life and it’s a great place  to raise our two kids. I am a stay at home Mom and my husband  Ben works as a sales rep for Kellogs

I am a typical hockey and soccer Mom and really like taking my kids to their games and practices.
We , myself and  my two kids are looking forward to  our new business in town, being the owner/operators for funfreefreebies in Orillia. It’s a great opportunity to start a business where the whole family can be involved , especially my two teenagers.

We are looking forward to working together on a business that is local and one that our friends and people we know in the community will benefit from.  Our website is going to be the go to website for all the great deals, specials, promotions and freebies being offered by local businesses exclusively for Orilliians. 

My family and I believe that when we support local businesses, it strengthens the whole Community..
Its going to be rewarding to be able to promote and work with all the great local business owners in Orillia !
Joanne, Ben,  Emily and Thomas
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i list as many freebies as i want all month long? Yes

Can i have unlimited copouns all month long, no extra charges? Yes

Can i have my Gift Cards on funfreefreebie all month long, no extra charge? Yes

Can i have different flyer every week, so different flyer every week, for the same price? Yes

Can i have my BYGO 1/2 price Campaign stop and start whenever i want? Yes

Can i have multiple Specials and Deals running at the same time for the same price? Yes

Do my Announcements, Promotions run all the month, every month? Yes

Where do i sign up?

Ok, let’s see if i understand this correctly. I’m a local business within the confines of  myWelcome to Orillia, funfreefreebies trading area for a subscription fee of just 179.00 / month

All this for just $ 179.00

I sign no contract and i can quit at any time without penalty or any further obligation. I will receive the following:

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