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Do Like to get Deals, Coupons, Special offers and be the First To Know About Them?


How Would YOU  Like to be in YOUR OWN  Business, That Allows YOU To Be the Person, the ONLY person in your community that will be making these possibilities available to your neighbours, friends, the  people in your community, in your town, city or village ?

Become a PARTNER with FUN FREE FREEBIES and become the only exclusive License Holder in your City.

During this CORONA pandemic , we all could use a diversion, A break from the stress and isolation we all feel.

You can be in a business that makes people that you live with, work with, socialize with, the people in your community that enables them to have fun, enjoy their lives a bit more, from the safety and security of their own homes.

benefits :

It’s fun for everyone,when you can create an environment where people enjoy themselves in, where they can have fun and can enjoy the products we offer and can receive these benefits;
The people in your community enter our Competitions where they can win exciting prizes that they want and desire to make their lives more enjoyable, satisfying especially during these stressful times
The FREE opportunity to receive Products, Services, ABSOLUTELY FREE, from National, Regional and especially local businesses, household items, groceries, electronics, Internet services, sports equipment, restaurants, home services and much more
Deals, Coupons, receive these offers, DIRECTLY to you, from Local Businesses, to Regional and National Companies, you in turn pass these Deals and Coupons on to the people in your Community

WHAT DO WE OFFER ? creates an environment on our web sites , YOUR website, that allows the people in individual, local communities, YOUR community, to participate and enjoy the various Competitions we hold, avail themselves of the TOTALLY free FREEBIES that are offered up, enjoy and utilize the Coupons, Deals, Special offers that their local businesses and fellow community members make available to their own community.

It's a Win Win for Everyone

If you think that the members of your community could use a little fun, would like to save themselves some money, get some great deals, and at the same time, give the business people, the merchants, the service people, the local businesses that make your community thrive and prosper. their support, then perhaps we should have a chat .

One Partnership per Community

We, are looking for just one Partner per City, Town, local community, to bring our unique, innovative, fun , Pandemic Friendly concept too.

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