Our Unique Partnership Business Opportunity offers you the following;

Operate your own self directed business, from the comfort of you home.
One Exclusive Licence for each City, each community, one Partnership, one Business owner per City, Community.
A totally functioning website is provided for you, for your specific business area, community.
The consummate owner operator business, the one you been waiting for.
Complete training and support from our established 40 year old company.
Can start part time, stay part time or build a multi Community business, your choice.
Our Business Opportunity was developed to be started part time, keep your current job, obligations and grow at your own pace.
No inventory to buy /or keep, no shipping, no sales, no bothering friends.
This is a Covid " friendly business " you operate from your home, your customers, the people in your community can participate and visit your website, participate and take part in the products and programs you offer, from the comfort of their own homes.
Our Business Model gives you the ongoing opportunity to quickly scale up your business, at your own pace and timetable.
No increase in your current overhead costs, working from home , provides you with an already established work space
Complete flexibility on when you spend time on building and growing your business and when you spend time with family, friends , you decide your work to leisure down time ratio.
You will quickly be part of a growing Network of FunFreeFreebie fellow Licence holders, in the communities surrounding yours, adding value, prestige and increased sales and revenue.
Operating your Business from home allows you to decrease some of your tax burden and allows for additional home expense deductions
FunFreeFreebiesa unique Partnership programme ensures your profitability is tied to the success and profitability of our mutual Brand, creating synergy, support and a win-win environment for everyone involved, creating a mutually beneficial environment.

Becoming a Partner with FunFreeFreebies, creating your own part time, full time Home Based Business, you will have an opportunity to:

Gain your own self directed Independence, as a business owner, you ARE your own boss.
Start to create the Lifestyle you have always wanted for you and your family, owning your own business gives you certain lifestyle advantages not available to your until now .
Enjoy the financial rewards and benefits that your new business will provide.
Nothing Compares to the personal satisfaction that comes from the realization, than now, finally, you have control of your own life and destiny.

Everyones a Winner

50 tickets

50 prizes

50 winners

Tickets just $ 4.00 a piece

Every Ticket Holders a Winner...….

Guaranteed !

Simple, buy a ticket, tickets, when we have sold a Maximum of 50 Tickets, we use our Random.org Random Number generator and you get a ticket number/numbers we then use our number generator and start drawing numbers, as each prize is awarded, that prize is removed from the wall, as the draw continues, more and more prizes are removed from the Wall, till number 50, ticket holder will receive the last prize On the Wall,

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